Friday, November 18, 2011

Andy Grammer Concert!!!!!

I finally went to my first "real" concert!  My friend Stacie got us tickets to the Andy Grammer concert which was at In The Venue in SLC.  The line was long, and it was long and it was super cold outside.  Bonnie and a few of her friends met us there.
Me & Stacie
Me & Bonnie

After we got inside, there was a band called  Everfound  playing.  They were way good!  

It was somewhat hard for me to see over the crowd of tall people, so we were able to go up on the balcony.  A whole lot easier to see... as you can tell by my pics.  :)

Ryan Innes
After the first band played, Ryan Innes got on stage and played.  I've heard about him, but I've never listened to his music.  He was awesome!

FINALLY Andy Grammer got on stage. OMG... can you say HOTT??!  Haha!  He was AMAZING!  He played at least 3 songs I recognized from the radio... Keep Your Head Up, Love Love Love, and Fine By Me.   I took a bunch of pics and videos.  I had the best view of him too.  :)

The concert was amazing!  It ended around 10:30-11 PMish, I think.  I had a really great time.

Here's a bunch of pics and videos from the concert.  Enjoy.


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  1. You got some real good pics. So glad you had fun and that we got to go together !


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